Stock condition surveys may be described as a survey of property assets to collect information about the condition of stock for a defined purpose. These surveys are critical to the perpetration of budgets for maintenance, improvement work and repairs. A professional stock condition survey allows businesses to develop a strategic plan in relation to financial requirements which will assist in developing a sound asset management approach. Ultimately, stock condition surveys can facilitate in accruing the best value for money and can ensure compliance with relevant regulations and legislation.

We at Roberts Vardy Associates have personified stock condition surveys, as we offer full service from inception to planned program completion. This survey incorporates survey design, lifecycles, costs, relevant specifications and tender briefs. Once a survey is initiated our team of professionals will continuously manage the entire process and will validate plus analyze existing survey data. These professionals will survey your property to perfection which is why we are considered to be one of the best stock condition surveys in the UK. We also offer building surveyor training, construction surveyor course to help your team develop a whole new skill set.

Once the survey is complete we help clients manage this data and articulate strategies accordingly. Stock condition surveys are crucial for clients who have a diverse asset portfolio which includes fixed assets such as property and machinery. These surveys will help you manage your assets to perfection as the final report will include a planned maintenance forecast and sustainability modeling.  Our stock condition surveys include but are not limited to the following profound features.

  • Executive report with sustainability modeling
  • Planned maintenance programs
  • Accurate stock condition data provision
  • Existing stock condition data valuation
  • Survey configuration review and survey design setup
  • Client asset management database review