Project management and surveying is the management of the different stages of a project and includes different components which ensure the work is completed in a timely manner and that it meets the acceptable standards and requirements. Project management has become a prerequisite for businesses and investors who want to plan a high profile project to perfection, this includes every detail of the project from inception to the final product. Without proper project management and planning, you are more likely to waste more resources and time.

Project management services in the UK are designed to ensure each project is completed with immaculate perfection and precision. Besides project management we at Robert Vardy Associates have been involved with an array of different projects from small private house surveys to large industrial surveys. Our existing asset management expertise span a broad spectrum of aspects such as defect surveys, damp surveys, stock condition surveys, fire risk assessment, fire door inspection and asset registers. Our team of registered survey professionals will ensure your asset passes thorough fire safety and audits to make sure that your current property is compliant with current regulations.