We at Robert Vardy Associates understand the significance of fire safety and how it affects your business. We offer a comprehensive range of fire safety and compliance services which span across multiple compliance disciplines, these services include one off services to complete management of compliance requirements and regulations. Businesses are legally obliged to mitigate health and safety risks and as a commercial venture it is your inherent responsibility to make sure your entire team is safe.

A fire risk assessment will include sound surveys management and audits. These include passive fire surveys which are designed to identify possible hazards and risks. Once these risks have been identified our panel of professionals will articulate strategies to overcome these risks. Complete fire management compliance can only be achieved if your building is built and being used in accordance with modern building regulations and if sufficient structural fire precautions are in place.

This is exactly why our surveys are considered to be one of the best fire safety and audits in the UK. We will inspect every aspect of your building including fire door inspections, passive fire protection, alarm systems, sprinklers, emergency lighting, signage and means of escape. At the end of our audit, we guarantee that your building will meet compliance and building regulations to perfection.